Physical activity is very important to keep up good health. Generally, all the physical activity or exercises is beneficial for the body and has good benefits such as reduced stress, reduce blood pressure, reduction in heart related problems, joints pain and a healthier and better outlook. Two of these physical activities consist of yoga and gym. Each one has its own benefits and it cannot be said that one is better than the other.

The effect on the body is the main difference between yoga and gym. Yoga is effective to almost all parts of the body, whereas gym is effective to only specific parts of the body. But both have a common objective of better health and physical fitness. Though there are differences in both yoga and gym which are as follows:

  • In gym, a person workouts with the help of different kinds of machines. A gym needs equipment and more space. Whereas yoga can be practiced at home, office and even in parks and do not require any equipment except 6×4 feet space.


  • Gymming and other exercises help in burning out more calories and also increase flexibility. Yoga on the other hand, not only burns calories but also regulate the mind. A gym workout is focused on improving your body’s physical condition and targets only specific parts of the body, whereas yoga is effective to all the parts of the body and infuses your spirit with positive energy.


  • Gym workout may be more expensive than yoga, as yoga only needs minimal accessories. Yoga practices are almost free but weight training and power-lifting can only be done in gym with certain machines for which you have to pay training costs or fees.


  • Gym workout mostly helps in building muscles and making them bigger, whereas yoga helps in strengthening the muscles while keeping them lean. Thus, there will always be a difference between a gym body and a yoga body.


  • Gym workout needs a lot of energy whereas the energy required for yoga practice is comparatively a lot less. Thus, after exercises in gym, a person feels tired and while practicing yoga, a person feels fresh and energetic.


  • Yoga might be boring and uninterested to youth, whereas kids and youth love gym.


  • Yoga is suitable for people of all ages while one can do gym workout only after a certain age. Gym is not advisable for old people or for those with specific medical ailments like heart problems and hypertension. In yoga also, there are certain poses which must be avoided by people having certain ailments such as tuberculosis, sugar, arthritis, heart problems, etc.


  • Gym workout does not fully affect the internal organs and systems of the body, whereas yoga fully affects all the internal organs and systems in the body. Yoga practices make body more flexible, toned and improve inner strength, while gym exercises make body more stiff, tones and improve outer strength.


  • Yoga does not increase hunger whereas a gym workout may increase your hunger and lead to overeating.


  • The withdrawal effects of discontinuance of yoga practices are minimal but if you stop doing gym workout, the body may lose its tone.


  • Yoga practices are good for circulatory system, digestion system and cardiovascular system. While gym workout is primarily focused on strengthening muscles and boosting cardio.


  • Weight training and treadmill can cause strain or injury which can lead to soreness. Yoga eases your aches and pains by slowly stretching muscles and opening the energy channels of the body.


  • Yoga practices benefits a person physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually whereas gym workout mostly has physical benefits.


  • Gym exercises are hardly concerned with the psychological diseases whereas yoga gives control over the body to the mind, which minimizes the chances of psycho diseases and disorders and improves internal stability.


  • Gym is likely concerned with self-improvement unlike yoga which is concerned with self-acceptance. Yoga helps you in believing that you are perfect the way you are.

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