1. 30 Day fit challenge workout:

This app is suited for anybody at any time. It is designed by a professional fitness coach and helps to improve fitness and health. This app can synchronize with burned calorie data on Google fit.

This app can increase exercise intensity, so you can easily stick daily workouts. You can find best workout for you. This app also includes weight loss programs and multiple abs workouts.


  1. Best fitness:

Best fitness app allows you to link many of the popular fitness tracking devices and fitness apps on the market. It provides class schedules, social media platform, creation of goals and participation in club challenges.


  1. Home workouts personal trainer:

This app includes everything you need to get great results. It works as your personal trainer and you can see your body improve fast.

It includes multiple workouts to choose from beginner, intermediate & expert routines. It also includes different home workouts for men and women. Different workouts include get in shape, fat off muscle on, fat down tone up, athlete’s body, awesome abs, sexy body, etc. You can also save your favorite exercises and modify any pre-made routines and even access your workout history.

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  1. Gym workout tracker & trainer:

Gym workout tracker & trainer acts as your own personal trainer. This is the only workout app you’ll ever need. It includes beginner & Pro workout routines designed by experts.

If you are new to weight lifting and bodybuilding, then this app is perfect for you. It has got everything you need to get started. This app includes bodyweight and weight training exercises for toning, strength training, slimming, full fitness program and everything you need to get in shape and stay in shape.


  1. 10 daily exercises:

This app contains the ten most common exercises that every person can do. You don’t need any equipment for the exercise.

It contains jumping jacks, high knees, push-ups, bench dips, lunges, squats, basic crunches, leg-up crunches, bicycle crunches and plank with leg lift.

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  1. Runtastic Running & fitness tracker:

Runtastic Running & fitness tracker is the best walking, jogging, and running app. This app tracks fitness workouts with GPS & a running map.

This app keeps you motivated while striving to reach cardio training, marathon training or overall health & wellness goals. You can also choose an expert training plan with your running distance tracker. It includes run tracker, jog tracker, fitness and walking tracker.


  1. Total fitness-gym &workouts:

This app offers you a big amount of info that will help you reach your goals. It has many exercises and workouts for training at your gym and home.

It includes different sections such as gym & home workouts, gym exercises guide, challenges, guided workouts, workout builder, my progress, nutrition, and utilities.


  1. Sworkit-workouts & fitness plans for everyone:

Sworkit is the most customizable and simplest workout app. This app was rated #1 by a recent study assessing fitness apps based on the parameters for safety, stretching, progression, and more set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

It includes 6-week program to get fitter, leaner and stronger and even have plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It gives you a very large database of body weight exercises and even gives you the option to make your own custom workout.


  1. Sportractive GPS running cycling distance tracker:

Sportractive is one of the best-rated and most accurate time-distance trackers available on the market. This app is for fitness activities such as walking, jogging, running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and many more.

You can insert workout results manually and can view the history of all recorded workouts.


  1. Fitness coach fitprosport:

This app includes more than 150 simple and effective exercises for men and women. It provides a description and animation for each exercise, opportunities to add your own exercises and the results of exercise performed, the opportunity to work with supersets and circuit workout sessions, etc.

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  1. 7 minute: daily weight loss home workout:

For people who hesitates to go the gym, 7 minutes: daily weight loss home workout is the best suitable app. It is the best workout trainer or fitness coach that you can get. This app includes exercises that you can do at your home without any equipment.

Seven minutes workout is scientifically proven as the best remedy for weight loss and other health problems.

This app includes basic workouts like jumping jacks, triceps dips on chair, plank, push up, squats, lunges, pike walk, pistol squats, knee running, crunches, etc.


  1. Virtuagym fitness-home & gym:

Virtuagym fitness-home & gym app has a continuously growing database, currently with over 2500 exercises and many pre-made workouts which you can do at home or in the gym.

All exercises have a 3D-animated instruction video, so you’ll know exactly how to perform an exercise and how to use machines at the gym. There are more than 100 workouts in this app which you can do right away at home, gym or even in the office.


  1. Abs workout:

This app is for anyone who wants to have beautiful abdominals. It contains set of exercises that will help remove the stomach, sides and form a welcome cube.

This app includes animation exercises and a detailed description, reminders of training, complete sets of exercises, custom workouts, history of training, etc.


  1. Home workouts-Fit challenge:

This app helps you to lose weight, get a flat tummy & strengthen your abdominal muscles. It includes videos that show you how to perform each exercise to get six pack while strengthening your core and toning your abs.

This app contains more than 100 exercises and you can work out with precise illustrations, visual timers, and spoken instruments.


  1. Bodybuilding workout routines:

This app will help you build your muscles fast. It includes all bodybuilding gym exercises, powerlifting routines and weight loss tips. It also includes all six pack, back exercises, butt workouts, chest workouts, bicep workouts, triceps workout, forearm workout legs workout, shoulder workouts, calves workout, etc.

This app contains preset plans for bodybuilding workouts, cardio training, fitness exercises and powerlifting.

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